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Xenon Lamp Manufacturer in Gujarat

By Wiptech Official
In July 1, 2015
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Xenon lamps emit a continuous spectrum with high luminance and high color temperature, ranging from the UV to visible to infrared range. Xenon lamps are therefore ideal for various types of photometric equipment such as spectrophotometers. All of our xenon lamps employ a high-performance cathode that eliminates the problems of conventional lamps and are widely used in applications where high-precision measurement lamps are needed.

Wiptech has over 30 years of experience in tech and power industry. We are leading manufacturer of Xenon Lamps in Gujarat, India. NLite is a brand name given to over xenon lighting range of products. Our products are well researched, have great quality, durability and cost effectiveness.

  • New generation Xenon Lamp are far more efficient than CFL or LED lighting.
  • Every Xenon Lamps are through strict production test to ensure product quality.
  • Test different constant voltages and peak alternation change voltage under normal
  • Temperature and high temperature environment.
  • Lighting Contrast Comparison with other Lights
  • Genuine products can light brighter and farther, soft light and looks comfortable.


xenon lamp supplier

Warranty Policy
All of our products are with 12 month warranty. Offer easy and guarantee aftersale service for customers.


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