Solar Rooftop Earthing

By Wiptech Official
In November 13, 2019
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No Electrical circuit, be it single phase or three phase, is complete or safe without proper Earthing. Healthy and stable earthing is very essential for the safety of property from electrical fires and human being from Shocks, burns and electrocution in residences, industries, commercial offices, complexes and various establishments.

It is studies that about 43% of the electrical problems arises due to improper/poor earthing. As per IEEE guideline there must be a sufficient grounding path requires as per application. Substation Grounding 0.5 Ohms to Lightning Grounding less than 5 ohms.

Wiptech provides best solution for proper grounding with international standards. We manufacture earthing as per IEEE80 Guideline and in accordance with IEC 62561-7, NABL, ERDA, UL standards.

Solar Rooftop Earthing Kit Eng